Over the years we have had a number father and son players. Here is a list of those players whose son(s) went on to play the Town. The dates shown are the players’ debut season.

Player (Father)SeasonPlayer (Son)SeasonPlayer (Son)SeasonPlayer (Son)Season
John Ryder1951/1952Phil Ryder1978/1979
Don Allen1953/1954Timmy Allen1988/1989
Terry Heard1955/1596Graham Heard1981/1982
Roy Mallett1958/1595Steve Mallett1980/1981
Mike Hughes1966/1967Wayne Hughes1991/1992
Mike Cussack1973/1974Aaron Cussack2007/2008Matt Cusack2007/2008
Adie Coxon1979/1980Lee Coxon2009/2010
Steve Richardson1981/1982Dan Richardson2011/2012
Phil Kellow1983/1984Steve Kellow2001/2002Richard Kellow2008/2009Scott Kellow2013/2014
Ron Vercesi1984/1985Mark Vercesi2010/2011
Lee Harris1984/1985Fraser Harris2018/2019
Chris Slateford1985/1986Neil Slateford2008/2009
John Dent1985/1986Liam Dent2004/2005
Paul Murray1989/1990Luke Murray2009/2010
Eric Tickle1991/1992Joe Tickle2006/2007
Dennis Annear2016/2017Jordan Annear2016/2017Tom Annear2016/2017

Steve, Richard & Scott Kellow are nephews to the late Tony Kellow, who turned professional in 1976, when he joined Exeter City from Falmouth Town. He went on to play for Blackpool, Plymouth Argyle, Swansea City and Newport County.